How To Prevent Injuries In Riding A Bicycle

As per a recent study, more than 700 people died due to bicycle-related accidents last year. Nearly 90% of the accidents involved motor vehicles and around five lakh bike riders were injured in the same year.

In order to prevent accidents and injuries involving bicycles, here are some safety tips.

The rider must ensure that the bike is of the correct size.

Riders must always wear a bicycle helmet which is approved by the state officials. Riders without helmets have 14 times more chances of suffering from dangerous head injuries than those who are wearing head protection.

Riders must follow all the traffic laws of an average motorist such as stopping at red lights, not using the walkway and riding with the traffic flow.

Riders should select residential areas rather than highways and streets full of traffic.

Riders should wear bright clothing, especially during night so that they are visible to other motorists. Their bicycles must have reflectors that helps other people walking on the road to see them.

Riders must check if the brakes and reflectors are in a proper condition before they start riding a bike.

A safe distance should be maintained by the riders to parked cars as this will prevent the riders to get hurt or hit by doors which the car drivers or passengers may open.

Riders should get off their bicycles or bikes when they are crossing a pedestrian lane. In cases where an accident involves a car, the liability of the injuries caused to the rider is generally on the car driver.

As per traffic safety experts, bicycle riders must make sure that they have their complete focus on the road while they are riding.

The right way of pedestrians should be respected and followed by the riders.

Riders should keep a check on the bicycle speed and base it on the road condition and traffic on the road.

Proper hand signals when stopping, turning or changing lanes should be used by the riders.

Extra care must be followed by the riders when crossing intersections.

Riders should make themselves visible and predictable to other motorists and hence, they should not ride on the edge of street but use the whole lane while riding.

When a truck or bus is passing, riders must be more careful.

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